Running NHibernate Profiler under IIS7 Integrated Mode

I recently purchased a copy of Ayende's excellent NHibernate Profiler for use in one of our applications. I followed the instructions to set up the profiler, but the profiler refused to show anything.

Eventually, I narrowed the issue down to the fact that the application was running under IIS7's Integrated pipeline. As soon as I changed the application to run under the Classic pipeline, everything worked correctly. However, I really wanted to be able to run under the integrated pipeline!

After some more poking around I found a workaround. NHProf would work fine under the integrated pipeline but only if the IIS Worker Process was running as an administrator-level account.

I still haven't discovered the cause of this problem, but at least I now have a workaround. Strangely, I can't reproduce this issue on any other machines. They all work fine in Integrated mode out of the box.

Written on July 21, 2009