GitAspx 0.3 Available

Version 0.3 of GitAspx is now available for download.

GitAspx provides a way to host a git server using IIS on Windows (git’s default http server only runs under Apache)

Changes in 0.3 are:

  • Support for git’s “dumb” http protocol in addition to the smart protocol (provides read-only access for older clients)
  • Worked around an issue where jgit-based clients couldn’t clone a repository (this means that you can now use GitAspx with JetBrains TeamCity)

Installation instructions

  1. Download GitAspx from the project page on GitHub.
  2. Unzip the contents to a directory on the filesystem (eg C:inetpubgit)
  3. Create a site/application in IIS to point to the application
  4. Edit the web.config file so that the RepositoriesDirectory points to wherever your git repositories are located (by default, C:Repositories)

GitAspx requires .NET 4 and IIS7 or later.

(More detailed instructions available on my previous post)

Written on October 19, 2010