FluentValidation 3.4 available

FluentValidation 3.4 is now available to download.

This release contains the following changes:

  • Work around for a bug in .NET 4.5 that causes a VerificationException at runtime
  • Make ValidationResut.IsValid virtual
  • Add private no-arg ctor to ValidationFailure to help with serialization
  • Add Turkish error messages
  • Added a Silverlight 5 build
  • Assemblies are now unsigned by default (although signed versions are also available via NuGet)

You can download binaries from the project site or by using NuGet. Package IDs are:

  • FluentValidation (for .NET, Silverlight 4, Silverlight 5)
  • FluentValidation-signed (signed binaries for .NET, SL4 and SL5)
  • FluentValidation.MVC4 (ASP.NET MVC 4 integration)
  • FluentValidation.MVC4-signed (signed binaries for MVC4 integration)
  • FluentValidation.MVC3 (ASP.NET MVC 3 integration)
  • FluentValidation.MVC3-signed (signed binaries for MVC3 integration)
Written on September 1, 2012